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The Expertise of Mold Removal Companies Offer Laconia Residents

4/23/2024 (Permalink)

Hanging plastic protective barrier with a sign "NOTICE: MOLD REMEDIATION PROJECT IN PROGRESS When you need mold remediation of any kind, you can trust SERVPRO of Laconia to get the job done.

Measures SERVPRO® Uses to Combat Laconia Mold Damage 

Laconia, positioned amidst the stunning landscapes between Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Winnisquam, encompasses the hamlets of Lakeport and Weirs Beach. Outdoor lovers can immerse themselves in the splendor of parks like Ahern State Park, which boasts hiking trails and picnic spots. Weirs Beach, renowned for its sandy coastline and lively boardwalk, attracts families. Laconia is famous for hosting Motorcycle Week, a well-known motorcycle rally that stands as one of the world's most ancient and grandest. In Laconia, you can find the Colonial Theatre, the CAKE Theatre, and the Opera House. 

When confronted with mold, it is essential to seek the assistance of skilled mold removal companies in Laconia. Mold commonly occurs in areas affected by water damage. It flourishes in concealed or difficult-to-access spaces like behind walls, beneath flooring, or within ductwork. Without proper inspection and treatment of these areas, mold may persist and increase without detection. Lacking the appropriate knowledge and tools makes it difficult to eliminate mold. Even minor contamination has the potential to regenerate and propagate rapidly, hence the need for professional removal services. SERVPRO experts focus on addressing underlying water damage issues before removing existing mold and implementing preventive measures to reduce the risk of a re-growth. 

Critical approaches SERVPRO takes to address mold damage 

  • Thorough assessment 
  • Containing and preventing cross-contamination 
  • Safe and efficient residue removal 
  • Cleaning and sanitization 

SERVPRO initiates the mold remediation procedure by thoroughly evaluating the impacted property. Remediation technicians meticulously examine the degree of mold proliferation, pinpointing contamination regions. This initial evaluation is critical in formulating a customized remediation strategy tailored to the residence's requirements. 

Mold Containment and Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Containing mold involves isolating the impacted region to halt the dispersion of residues into unaffected zones throughout the cleanup process. It is an endeavor demanding specialized skills and tools. SERVPRO experts are proficient at executing containment strategies to suit each scenario. 

A critical element of mold containment used by our crews entails erecting physical barriers, like plastic sheeting, to isolate the affected space. Moreover, we utilize negative air machines to generate negative air pressure within the containment area, further inhibiting the spread of mold debris. 

The levels of containment used 

  • Source containment 
  • Local or mini-containment 
  • Full-scale containment 

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is undoubtedly among the established mold removal companies. Call us at (603) 527-2518. Faster to any size disaster™.

Our Experts Explain Our Methods To Clean Your Belmont Home After A Mold Damage Incident

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

We are available 24/7 to assist you. Call (603) 527-2518 to get our team of remediation experts working for you.

Common Methods SERVPRO Uses To Clean Homes With Mold Damage In Belmont

Before homeowners see mold damage, often a musty smell is the first sign noticed. Once detected, the mold growth often uncovers a more significant problem allowing the fungi to flourish. Mold only needs three main things to grow: moisture, food (organic materials) and ideal temperatures. Areas of the home where there is either lack of ventilation resulting in too much humidity with a buildup of moisture or there is a leak allowing water to enter the affected area create ideal conditions for this to happen.

SERVPRO technicians follow both EPA and IICRC guidelines and standards for mold remediation in your Belmont home. Our technicians limit the scope of the damage by creating barriers to stop the spread of mold spores to currently unaffected areas of the house. We use negative air machines to reduce exposure to airborne spores and HEPA vacuum filters to catch and contain spores. Traditional drying methods using industrial air movers, cannot be deployed because it runs the risk of spreading the spores to other sections of the home. Dehumidifiers in a contained area dry the area and lessen the chance of spreading.

For the cleaning of mold from surfaces, SERVPRO has several useful methods. We can use traditional cleaning methods, or for remediation cases where the cleanup needs to be as waterless as possible, soda blasting is a great alternative. This method delivers a high powered dry wash of sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) that works as a mild abrasive to lift off the mold while it cleans and deodorizes the area.

After the eradication of the mold, there is often only one thing left to do, and that is the removal of that musty odor. While we can restore many items damaged by mold, we sometimes need to remove come belongings or building materials such as drywall that cannot be saved. Once those items are out of the house, we can use thermal foggers which operate at a high temperature and penetrate deeply to deliver full deodorization of the affected areas.

The certified technicians at SERVPRO of The Lakes Region have many methods and resources for dealing with mold damage. We are available 24/7 to assist you. Call (603) 527-2518 to get our team of remediation experts working for you.

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The Specialized Techniques That Our Experts Use During Our Mold Remediation Process In Franklin

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

Dry ice, or CO2, resorts to its gaseous state when it returns to room temperature.

Using Dry Ice Pellets Removes Mold Damage In The Attics Of Franklin Area Homes

Delicate glass figurines often have a frosted look to them for accents and other features. The process involved in this often uses sand in a directed stream to wear away the surface of the glass. When homeowners in Franklin find mold growing on the wooden framework of their attic space, they rarely think a similar process to sandblasting might help them protect their home.

Mold damage in your Franklin home can be removed using this technique. We use dry ice pellets, instead, though, of sand. These pellets not only work by bombarding the mold growing in your attic, but also by freezing the mold. Instantly frozen, mold has little chance to send spores out to colonize other areas inside your house.

Dry ice also degrades safely, leaving only dead mold and non-viable spores for us to clean up, along with debris from the surfaces we cleaned. Dry ice, or CO2, resorts to its gaseous state when it returns to room temperature. It leaves no residue on surfaces and does not contaminate the air. The process requires only slight ventilation, so our specialists have a steady supply of O2 to breathe while operating the machinery.

Once completed, we apply a spray-on or brush-on antimicrobial agent that is just as safe as the dry ice pellets we used. The antimicrobial agent we use coats any remaining mold and crushes it as the chemical dries. This also leaves no detectable film or coating, although it lasts for quite a long time to protect your home from reinfestation.

These two methods help remove mold damage and prevent regrowth effectively. However, moisture that invades your home can allow mold colonization to occur elsewhere. Because of this, at every job we do, we start by locating the source of invasive water. Our hand-held infrared imaging cameras reveal changes in temperature that occur wherever water saturates materials. Once known, we seal the areas off so water can no longer intrude.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is always ready to take your call about mold damage in your home in or around Tilton and Gilford. Call our 24-hour services number, (603) 527-2518, so we can make everything just “Like it never even happened.”

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What Your Insurance Company Isn't Telling You About Mold Damage in Your Gilford Home!

11/4/2018 (Permalink)

When mold affects your home, it can present in many colors and move quickly throughout an area. Call SERVPRO to investigate the extent and contain.

We Can Handle Mold Damage in Your Gilford Bathroom 

You should no longer ignore the brownish, grayish and greenish spots of mold growing on the walls of your upstairs bathroom. Plus, there is an overwhelming musty odor. We suggest calling professionals like us right away to inspect the affected area for damages. You can trust our IICRC certified team to handle the problem correctly. Mold can cause health effects, which makes it vital for you to act right away.
SERVPRO mold damage restoration in Gilford involves the use of industrial grade disinfectants and specialized equipment to remove mold from your bathroom. Our trained techs work fast and efficiently to contain and reduce the mold levels inside the structure. We take the proper precautions to prevent fungus from spreading to any other rooms in your house. Our technicians can use plastic sheeting and tape to contain the mold. Plus, the crew can set up an area inside your home to clean and sanitize items and equipment they utilize during the restoration period.
Mold spores are microscopic, which means there may be thousands of airborne spores floating inside your home. Our technicians can use commercial grade air scrubbers with HEPA filters to trap and remove the spores. These machines can also purify the atmosphere inside the structure and eliminate stale mold odors. The team may also employ professional grade disinfectants to remove the mold. Plus, our techs can use anti-fungal sprays to prevent it from growing back.
After they clean the mold from your walls, our skilled technicians can begin to dry the structure. They may use air movers and axial fans to force moisture from the area, which helps speed up drying and helps prevent mold growth. Also, the crew can strategically place dehumidifiers inside the structure to reduce moisture levels and to expedite the drying phase.
SERVPRO of The Lakes Region offers mold damage restoration services that you can rely on to return your bathroom to its preloss condition when possible. Contact us at (603) 527-2518. We are here to help and can get the job done right.
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What You Should Do When You Spot Mold Damage In Your Gilford Crawl Space

9/6/2018 (Permalink)

If you find mold damage inside of your crawl space, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO.

What You Should Do When You Spot Mold Damage

The crawl space inside of your home is usually a small and warm space that can quickly become the perfect breeding ground for mold damage when exposed to excess moisture. A leaky pipe running through the ceiling of your crawl space can easily go unnoticed for a lengthy period, giving a mold colony plenty of time to grow. If you notice black, grey, green, or even blueish speckles along the ceiling and walls of your crawl space, it's a good idea to call for professional help.

Leaving the mold damage inside of your Gilford home can cause further complications. Mold is responsible for the decomposition of organic material, meaning it can cause the frame of your home to begin to decompose over time, as it is made of wood. Additionally, mold can also cause health effects for the residents of your home. Calling for professional help can ensure the prevention of further complications.

When you call SERVPRO, we make it a priority to send our technicians to your home as quickly as we can. Our Estimator can arrive ahead of our technicians and walk you through the damage after doing an initial investigation. They can explain to you a solution that our technicians can take and answer any questions that you may have.

Once our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians arrive at your home, they can begin to work at once. Using plastic sheeting, they can create a barrier to keep the damage quarantined in one area while they work. Our techs can use a disinfectant to remove the initial sources of mold inside your crawl space.

Afterward, we can spray an antifungal solution to help prevent any regrowth. As a final measure to thoroughly ensure that your crawl space continues to be mold-free, SERVPRO can set up ventilation fans and air movers to help return the space to acceptable moisture levels.

If you find mold damage inside of your crawl space, do not hesitate. Get in touch with SERVPRO of The Lakes Region by calling (603) 527-2518. We are always available for your call.

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The Potential Health Effects of Mold Growth In Your Franklin Home?

7/10/2018 (Permalink)

Franklin Area Mold Problem? Call SERVPRO for Safe Remediation

SERVPRO Works with Safeguards during Franklin Area Mold Remediation Services

While many people are familiar with the fact that mold growth can cause health effects, there is still much uncertainty as to what these effects are. The more that you know about the risks associated with exposure to mold colonies, the better prepared you can be to combat this presence in your Franklin home with the help of professional mold remediation services.

When area people think about seeing mold in their homes, they often consider the kind of structural weakening and degradation that can happen from a thriving mold colony in their Franklin residence. What should also get considered, is the persistent health risks attributed to exposure to the colony in acute and sometimes chronic fashions.

This fact is part of the reason why our SERVPRO remediators take great care to ensure they get protected by the appropriate equipment before working to remove a colony growing in a home. While full body suits complete with gloves, hoods and eye protection are commonplace, you also see our technicians using equipment such as respirators and SCBA gear to protect their lungs from certain varieties of mold. The amount of PPE personal protection equipment worn by technicians depends on the extent of the mold infestation and the means needed for remediation.

While more gets understood about the effects of mold spore exposure and occupants in a house, the degrees of personal protective equipment change in kind. One of the greatest of these potential hazards to residents occurs in those who have trouble breathing already through conditions such as asthma, allergies, or any other manner of disorders. SERVPRO does not claim to be a doctors' clinic but does perform mold removal and remediation in structures.

Finding mold growth in your home can prove to be much more than a mere inconvenience to some families. If you have made such a discovery in your own home, you can trust in our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region applied microbial remediation technicians to help you remove the colony and work to restore the damage it caused safely. Give us a call anytime at (603) 527-2518.

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Mold Damage Specialists Of Franklin

3/12/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes a slow leak inside an appliance or a water pipe takes place inside your Franklin home.

Mold Damage Specialists

Sometimes a slow leak inside an appliance or a water pipe takes place inside your Franklin home. Whenever water finds its way into a building, damage likely occurs. If a water damage situation is left untreated for over 48 hours, it is very likely that mold forms.

Once a fungus forms inside your house, it is possible that the spores float to other areas of the home. SERVPRO's mold damage technicians in Franklin have experience in mitigating fungal issues and preventing spores and mold from spreading to other areas inside the building. Once a spore lands somewhere inside a structure, all that is needed for mold growth to occur is the right environment.

A fungus needs three things present inside the home to grow and spread. Once a spore hits a surface, it requires a lot of moisture present in the surface material or the air to develop into a fungus. Fungi also need an organic food source such as paper on walls or wooden flooring. The last thing necessary for the perfect fungi environment is the correct temperature. Some molds form and grow in sweltering or freezing cold temperatures but most strains like a temperature between 68 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once all of the conditions inside a dwelling get met, a spore will grow into a fungus; then the mold spreads up and out around its surface. Spores start to grow into fungi by developing leg-like structures called hyphae. The hyphae extend out of the spores, grow down into the surface material, out to cover the surface, and up above the surface. One of the duties of the hyphae is to spray out spores to help the fungi reproduce.

SERVPRO always takes extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of the house's occupants and our employees whenever we mitigate fungal problems. It is possible that mold causes health effects with some people. Before we agitate any contaminated surface, we set up a plastic containment chamber so that any spores or fungus particles cannot escape the affected area. Our technicians always use personal protective equipment so that they do not breathe in any toxic fumes or particles.

During the initial estimation process, we always thoroughly inspect an area and figure out where all of the molds inside your home hide. For professional help with your fungus issue, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 for support 24/7.

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Belmont's Mold Damage Experts Are Ready

1/17/2018 (Permalink)

Belmont Mold Remediation and Cleanup Gets Handles by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Responds Rapidly to Help Your Belmont Property with Mold Remediation

It is never fun to have anything negative happen to your home. One thing that can affect your beautiful Belmont home from time to time is mold. Fungi growing inside your home is unpleasant and can cause structural damage.

A fungus needs water, the correct temperature and an organic substance such as wood or paper to grow. If you think you might have an issue, then SERVPRO's mold damage team in Belmont can help. Our restoration crews have experience and are IICRC certified in mold remediation.
Sometimes people suspect they could have mold inside their home when they smell a musty odor. Other times mold can be visible and looks like a combination of black or other colored spots. Even if you do not see or smell the mold, it could exist in areas inside your house that have been wet for an extended period. If you know of an area in your home that has been damp, it is a good idea to have SERVPRO inspect the area. It is vital to get any mold treated because it can cause health effects.
Any time mold is present in the home, it must be removed in a way that prevents the spores from spreading to other areas of the house. Before any work gets done, the area where the mold colonies exist gets sealed off with a containment chamber. Any visible mold can be removed by scrubbing, sanding, or disposing of the material. Any spores that get stirred up and put into the air during the removal process are kept contained inside the containment chamber and a HEPA filtered air scrubber can capture the airborne particles.
After the fungi get removed from an area, the region must be scrubbed with specialized chemicals so that spores do not stay alive and create more mold. Household chemicals such as bleach can kill a fungus, but bleach cannot kill the spores that grow from it. If the spores do not get killed, then fungi can grow back at a later time. Our restoration experts can use anti-microbial chemicals that attack the mold spores to help prevent a fungi problem in the future.
The presence of mold can cause damage to your home. Anytime you think you may have a mold problem, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 for 24/7 help.

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Cleaning Mold Damage in Gilford

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Porous Drywall and Mold Remediation in a Gilford Property Rely on SERVPRO for CleanUp

The SERVPRO Remediation Service for Mold Is Thorough and Professional

Mold usually goes unnoticed in Gilford homes until it spreads across a large area or someone smells that unmistakable musty odor. If the growth started in the attic or a crawlspace, then it is possible for every room in a home to have some level of contamination by the time a homeowner discovers it.
When SERVPRO is called in to clean and remove Gilford mold damage, our first action is to inspect every affected room and surface. It helps us determine how far the spores have spread and what equipment and methods of cleaning we need to use. Regardless of where the mold has grown, we can divide affected surfaces into three categories: non-porous, porous, and semi-porous.
Non-porous are the most straightforward surfaces to clean. These include glass and metal tabletops along with marble and smooth stone countertops. For light-to-medium levels of mold, clean-up crews use dry cloths and sponges to wipe down spores from top to bottom. If the layer of spores is heavy, we use vacuums with specially designed HEPA filters to capture and trap spores. After vacuuming, we use the cloths and sponges to make sure we did not miss any.
Porous surfaces are more difficult to clean. Examples include upholstery and building materials like drywall. If the mold level is light-to-medium, we can clean the spores off, but if it is heavy or if spores have grown through the surface, we dispose of the material. In this category, we start with the vacuums.
Next, we use spray bottles containing an anti-microbial cleaner to dampen the surface. In some cases, technicians may use a pump-up sprayer to apply foam to reduce the amount of water without sacrificing the usefulness of the cleaning agent. Then, we use cloths and sponges to remove the mold.
Semi-porous are very rough surfaces and require tools not usable on porous and non-porous surfaces. Wood and concrete, for example, often need wire brushes to dig out spores. If this does not work, SERVPRO technicians have to use sanders to remove the top surface layer to get rid of them. Cleaning agents that work on these surfaces scratch or in some other way ruin the surface of glass and metal.
Before the first vacuum comes off one of our trucks, SERVPRO of The Lakes Region studies your home to know what it takes to return your residence to its pre-infestation state. If you suspect or already see a mold problem, call us today at (603) 527-2518. We are here to help.

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When Mold Damage Strikes And Ruins Your Belongings In Franklin

10/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold lives everywhere, even if we do not see it within our homes.

When Mold Strikes

Mold lives everywhere, even if we do not see it within our homes in Franklin. Individual pieces of mold and its spores are so tiny that you must use a microscope to see them. Populations, though, where colonization takes place, leave little doubt that mold exists.

Franklin residents do not experience higher rates of mold damage than other parts of the country, but each home still holds the potential for this problem to develop. If rainwater enters through tiny openings in the roof, hairline cracks in foundation walls, or along windowsills, mold can begin prolific growth. Many sources, including some inside your home, might exist simultaneously. SERVPRO technicians have the skills to locate these and then take the necessary actions to stop future water from becoming problematic.

When you place clothing, boxes of memorabilia, furniture, or other items near walls or other structures, and lack of ventilation can help moisture build up. Microbes nearby can then use this moisture to reproduce and spread rapidly. Many clothing items, as well as cartons and boxes, contain a significant amount of organic matter, making them highly attractive to microbes.

Whenever we encounter mold damage, we know that our first step in controlling its growth involves finding its source of water. When moisture accumulation is the underlying factor in an infestation, cleaning the items infested becomes a starting point. Boxing your items up for transport to our facility for cleaning allows our other technicians to work within your home. Cleaning walls and other structures in your home of all microbial infestation helps reduce the overall population.

Ensuring that mold damage cannot return and damage your belongings again in the future as quickly as it did in the past, IICRC recommendations include continuous dehumidification. This is especially crucial when using areas such as basements or attic spaces for storage. In addition to a typical dehumidifier, we can place packets that help keep areas dry. These non-toxic desiccant packs last a long time after being placed inside stored boxes.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is a locally owned and operated service, providing round-the-clock services to those in our community when mold damage or other disasters happen to their homes. Calling our number, (603) 527-2518, puts you in contact with professionals skilled in the restoration work your home needs.

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Laconia Mold Damage Happens for Specific Reasons

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Spores and Mold Damage in Laconia Can Get Help from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Remove Mold Growth Factors Through Remediation

Many homeowners and renters are reluctant to deal with mold. Many of them mistakenly believe that mold infestation means that they have somehow kept a dirty home and are responsible for it. Poor housekeeping is not the reason; mold spores are inside every home and structure except for sterile rooms such as operating theaters and some types of laboratories.

SERVPRO understands that mold damage to Laconia homes only begins when spores have enough moisture to expand and grow. They still do not spread unless they have a food source and the surrounding temperature is in the correct range. To stop, clean, and remove mold, it is important for us to know the details of how growth happens.

A single mold spore is smaller than a mustard seed; it is microscopic. A mass can contain hundreds of spores but is no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. They stay in the mass and inert unless they somehow break away. Even a rush of air from an air duct can cause it. As they spread, some of them eventually encounter moisture.

Spores quickly absorb water and expand by sending out hyphae, a network that grows like roots over or into a surface depending on the material. If the hyphae grow into the material, it usually serves as a food source also. Drywall, ceiling tiles, and wood panels are the food sources that spores seem to prefer. Hyphae that stay on the surface form new masses which eventually break up and spread the infestation further. All they need now is the right temperature. SERVPRO techs also point out that growth is enhanced by the lack of sunlight.

Most mold spores expand and grow in the range of 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This range expands a bit if there are significant sources of moisture and food. There are a few molds that grow in temperatures as low as 32 degrees or as high as 122 degrees. Unless it is the dead of winter, mold can grow and remain a threat anywhere in New Hampshire.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is prepared year-round to help you confront and remove mold from your home. Call us today at (603) 527-2518 for an inspection and free estimate. 

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Mold. How Bad Could It Be?

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

Mold on drywall such as in this situation should be removed by experienced professionals like SERVPRO

Mold inside your home or business can cause many problems. Today's structures are built energy efficient meaning that they are air tight and air is not exchanged as well as in older homes. The air inside your structure might have more contaminants than you think. Once mold has developed inside a structure it is very important that the area be sealed off from other unaffected areas so cross contamination is limited. Trained & Certified SERVPRO technicians will evaluate the mold problem in order to determine what steps to take to properly re-mediate the mold.   Only trained professionals like SERVPRO should attempt to remove mold from inside a dwelling. Proper equipment and proven techniques can successfully return your home or business back to it's original condition. If you have the need for mold removal don't settle for just anyone. Call the professionals you can trust. Call SERVPRO!!!